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From the Editor

Al Benner

The call toward the end of August was very unexpected. The Louisiana School for Math, Science & the Arts located in Natchitoches, LA had just lost their full-time choir/vocal instructor and were also in the need of an adjunct piano instructor. They were interested in hiring my wife and me to fill those positions. Having been unsuccessful the week before in solidifying our future at St. Norbert College, the economic difference and teaching opportunities made it a decision we could not afford to let slip by. Ten days later, during Labor Day weekend, we were on our way. I must say it is quite a difference from Greenleaf/Green Bay!

Thus with some sadness, I must relinquish my position as Newsletter Editor and turn this position over to someone closer to the action. I will be glad to help the new Editor in any way that I can, and even provide materials as needed. I sincerely thank the membership and especially the two Presidents for their support during my brief time as editor. I was fortunate to serve under Yehuda Yannay and Christopher Frye.

Of course, my wife's family still resides in De Pere and our plans are to spend some of the summer back there. And if the opportunity presents itself for us to move back to Wisconsin, it is one that would be attractive to both of us. WAC was a very beneficial organization for me and I am proud to be associated with it. I hope I can continue to find ways to participate in various activities and stay connected with the members. My best to you all!

WAC Newsletter, December 1998
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