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President's message

Yehuda Yannay

Having just returned from Disney World in Orlando (where I spent four days in an academic convention) I am still woozy from the constant, ubiquitous din of piped-in music in that kingdom of sensory stimulation overkill.

We all come to quickly realize how much the entertainment industry needs us musicians: it would not survive for a minute in a vacuum of silence. On the other hand, isn't it a pity that music--and sometimes rather decent stuff--is used as mere aural filler?

And there are millions out there in the workplace trapped involuntarily in non-stop muzak-polluted environments. After all, we have now smoke-free public and working places. Do you think I could petition my local supermarket, restaurant, medical clinic or the university bookstore to turn off (or at least, down) please the music?

Last year we established a WAC Performance Endowment Fund. As you prepare your taxes this spring, please consider making a donation. The initial dollars toward the establishment of the Fund have been already donated and I shall explore the possibilities of finding challenge donors who would be willing to match contributions from the membership.

Finally, I would like to announce my wish to pass on the President's baton to a willing and able successor. Our organizational and financial situation is in top shape and I am looking forward to a fine conference at Carthage. Please show your support to Gary Verkade and WAC by attending this first-ever conference to be held in the south-east region of the State.

WAC Newsletter, February 1998
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