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President's Message

Congratulations to MadWAC, our Madison chapter, for hosting the 1997 statewide conference on April 25 and 26. Works by 22 composers were performed in formations ranging from accordion trio to a seven-piece chamber ensemble. Along with regularly performed composers on this forum, we heard many new, first-time represented composers and the latter accounted for about one third of all the pieces played. A panel discussion on Harry Partch recounted his associations with the UW-Madison. A tremendous amount of organizational work went into staging the events and David Drexler and his MadWAC buddies [Ed. note: the "buddies" are Dan Hosken, Mercedes Binder, Tom Powell, and Ryan Conners] deserve our thanks.

Our membership has increased significantly during the past year. We can state now with reasonable certainty that WAC is the most consistent and viable organization of its kind in the U.S. Lately, we have managed to get some funding for performances. In the board and membership meetings that took place during the conference, concerns were raised about WAC's ability to continue to fund performances at current levels. One of our chief concerns is the future of the Wisconsin Arts Board's Arts Challenge Initiative that boosts our treasury with matching funds. This funding is related to our total membership dues and other real income. Therefore, it is crucial that we pay up our dues on time. This year we also received, for the first time, cash donations.

Dear WAC member, I invite you to be a self-serving, charitable egoist and endow your very own, non-profit, tax-deductible organization with a modest donation!

Yehuda Yannay

WAC Newsletter, May 1997
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