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 WAC Newsletter, February 1997
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Jeff Burns

Jeff Burns's method book Pentatonic Scales for the Jazz-Rock Pianist has been published by Houston Publishing, Inc., a subsidiary of Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation.

Tom Eisenhut

Tom Eisenhut's work for accordion quartet, Rhapsodic Suite, was performed at Root River Lanes Hall last August. Eisenhut invites queries about the Milwaukee Accordion Club at (414) 646-2528. Eisenhut also notes that the Waukesha Musicians Association, Local No. 193, is seeking professional musicians interested in performing in venues ranging from casual clubs to formal concerts. Interested parties may contact Eisenhut at the above number.

Warren Gooch

Warren Gooch reports the following recent performances and publications of his works. Sonata for Soprano Saxophone and Piano, performed by the Tampa Bay Composers Forum; Out of the Primordial Ocean, performed by the percussion ensemble at Arizona State University; and Labyrinthodontia for trumpet and piano, Te Deum for chorus and orchestra, and Three Reflections from the Psalms for chorus, all performed at Truman State University (Gooch's institution, formerly Northeast Missouri State University.) Recently published by Alliance Publications, Inc. are Out of the Primordial Ocean, Dragon Music, and A Song of the Night.

Emily Porter

Two sets of Emily Porter's organ chorales have been published by Morning Star Music Publishers: At the Manger and Three Quiet Hymn Settings. Also, Belwin-Mills has published Short Settings of Jewish Hymns for Organ and Organ Music for the Temple.

Hal Rammel/Steve Nelson-Raney

Hal Rammel and Steve Nelson-Raney presented an evening of solo and duet compositions and improvisations last January 25 as part of the "Warmer by the Stove" concert series curated by Thomas Buckner at Lotus Music and Dance in New York.

David Revill

English composer and friend of WAC David Revill has been appointed McKnight Visiting Composer by the American Composers Forum in St. Paul, MN. Starting in March, '97, Revill will be, as he puts it, "causing as much trouble as possible across Minnesota", with various projects including Labyrinth, a music-theater project with high schools, St. Vitus' Dance, a Minnesota Percussion All-Stars event designed for outdoor venues, working with film and dance, teaching an experimental writing course, performing in coffee bars, and so forth. Revill adds, "I hope that sometimes, while nobody's looking, I can also sneak over the border into Wisconsin."

WAC Newsletter, February 1997
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