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Wisconsin Alliance for Composers 1997 Conference

1997 Conference

April 25-26, 1997, Grace Episcopal Church and First Unitarian Meeting House, Madison.
Hosted by the MadWAC Board of Directors: Mercedes Binder, David Drexler, Dan Hosken, Ryan Conners.
MadWAC would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their support of this conference:
Sharon Johnson, Joel Naumann, Royce Dembo, Vicky Tzoumerka-Knoedler, David Drexler, Ward-Brodt Music Mall, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Wisconsin, Orange Tree Imports, Woodman's Food Markets and Bakery, B-Side CDs & Tapes, Grace Episcopal Church, The First Unitarian Society, Steve Wessing, Lakeside Press, Mary Bean, Peg Cornils, Casper Sunn, Kevin Ernste, Tom Patterson, John Welstead, Josh Schmidt, Yehuda Yannay

Steve Wessing/Studio Earth Remote

1997 Conference
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