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1996 Conference

March 15-16, 1996, Fine Arts Recital Hall, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Hosted by Yehuda Yannay.

The 1996 WAC Festival and Conference was partially supported by a grant from the Fideicomiso Para La Cultura Mexico--USA and had financial assistance from the UWM Center for Latin America as part of Music From Almost Yesterday's "Year of Mexican Music" project. Music From Almost Yesterday, founded by Yehuda Yannay, celebrates 25 years of new music performances in Milwaukee.

Planning Collaborator in May-June 1995:
Frankie J. Kelly (Western Carolina University)

Music From Almost Yesterday Project Assistants:
Milton Peckarsky
Miguel Soto

Dan Gnader

This festival is an official Milwaukee Sesquicentennial event.

1996 Conference
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