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Fall 1991 Conference

Saturday, November 16, 1991, 3 p.m.
Michelsen Concert Hall, Fine Arts Center, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.
Hosted by Leon Smith.


Islands Michael Cunningham
University Orchestra
Patrick Miles, conductor
Designs for Trumpet and Trombone (1987)
I. Sound Piece
II. Calculation
III. Landscape
IV. Rhythm-ning
Robert Levy
Robert Levy, trumpet
Nick Keelan, trombone
Easter Sequence Joel Blahnik
Fugal Fantasy in d minor for String Quartet Edward Beals
Soundets Scott Wyatt
Starry Visions Michael Cunningham
Time Mark Scott Wyatt
So Many Corners Elizabeth Alexander
Viola Ventilations Dennis Janzer
A Study in Color and Time Michael Barden


Music and the Media

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